The mission of the Avalon Hills Foundation for Eating Disorders is to assist individuals in need of treatment for eating disorders and to promote awareness of eating disorders through education, research and advocacy. 


The Avalon Hills Foundation for Eating Disorders grew out of the passion of parents who had sent their daughters to Avalon Hills Eating Disorder Programs. When they experienced the success of their daughter’s recovery, many parents expressed an overwhelming desire to help others in a similar situation.  The foundation also serves as an outlet for the passion for advocacy that is shared by the Avalon Hills staff.

The messages heard by clients and families as they begin to address an eating disorder are full of despair: clients can’t fully recover; you can’t get funding for treatment.  At Avalon Hills Foundation, we know that is not true:  recovery is possible; there are resources to help you.  It may not be easy, but thanks to the help of dedicated individuals and families, it is getting easier.

Since 2006, with the sponsorship of many generous individuals, organizations and Avalon Hills Eating Disorder Programs the foundation has been able to assist those in need of financial assistance for eating disorder recovery as well as eating disorder research.

Board Members:

Wayne Stewart - Chair
Brad Hess - Vice Chair
Bob Thomas - Treasurer
Annie Janke - Secretary
Boris Onefater
Whitney Matson


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